6" Commericial Steel Gutters


Large roofs with large rain loads require our 6" commercial steel gutter and 3" x 4" downpipe. The 26" gauge steel gutter is built for years of durability and large water movement efficiency. These commerical seamless/continuous gutters have been standard gutter used in Alberta for decades. They come in a number of colors to match the soffit and fascia on your building. We would love to hear from you and become your Peace of Mind gutter company.

What sets our gutter install apart from others?

Heavy duty hangers - The hangers we use are the strongest hangers we have found. They have a wide front which helps grab more surface area on the front of the gutter which gives the gutter more strength.

Better sealants - We use Shell Tixophalte. This is a bitumen based sealant. The sealant does not harden over time and allows for movement. It is non toxic and can be applied in wet conditions or underwater which allows us to install in any weather.

Better Corner installs - We pride ourselves in installing the nicest, strongest corner that we can. We fold the flaps to the inside of the gutter to create a strong, beautiful corner.

Proper slope and install - We don't cut corners when it comes to installs. We do site surveys, consult with the customer, and take our time on the job. Getting your slopes and outlet locations right the first time is pivotal to proper long term rain water protection for your building.

Colors - Generally our manufacturers have no problem getting you the color you want for your steel gutter. There are a wide assortment of colors available to choose from.

Leaf Screens - We offer optional leaf screens that are used to prevent leaves and debris from falling into the gutter.


Gutter size - 6" W x 5.1" H

Volume - 274 cubic inch per/ft or 4.5 L per/ft

Downpipe size - 3" x 4"

Leaf Screen - Perforated 6"